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We put at your disposal the latest games with Angry Birds. The diversity of these games is quite large, we offer the finest games in this category. Be prepared to enter in the world of these birds in a new way by watching them in a movie. Help them to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. Come with all your friends to have fun, play beautiful and nice games. You can play new angry birds games now online here at Also, if you like to tear down things, try this zombie shooting game.
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During the game you will have to face many types of pigs. Before you eat them you need to make yourself bigger by collecting...
You can move the birds only verticalyl and horizontally. After you pass the first level, there will be other types of birds for...
You will have to go twenty levels to finish this nice game. With Angry Birds with you, you should not be afraid of Halloween!
Try to release birds in one shot, so you get three yellow stars. You have many beautiful floors gone, you will not get bored so fast!
Among those eggs will be some yellow, which will give you some benefits if you safely go up the right side of the game.
Wait a winning combination, if not out of the first, you can try as many times as you want, but take care that points are limited.
Select two pieces of the same kind and remove them. Time is running out and you have to fit into the time you have.
The more you connect, the more time will get. Every level succeeded, give you the opportunity to unlock a new character.
Accumulate one hundred points to progress to the next level. Each level contains a new location where you can type...
Be prepared to remove them all before they invade the whole space. In the right menu you can find tools that will help...
With this game you will be able to improve memory and mouse skills. Angry Birds Twins It is a simple and easy matching...
Eventually you have to get the red planet that is your salvation. You will have several levels to pass, find the shortest path to the...